Friday, August 4, 2023

Walt Disney World: Epcot Food Review

Our first "Foodie Friday" - YAY!

Welcome to the first edition of “Foodie Friday” here on the Disney Six blog! Each Friday, we will be bringing you a one-two minute read featuring some of our food favorites found all around Walt Disney World! We are giving you a two-for-one here in volume one as we take you abroad, well, kind of. Get your Norse on and let’s head over to the World Showcase in Epcot!

Our dynamic duo today is the Norwegian School Bread and Einstok White-Ale (must be 21+) found in Norway! Norway will be the second (If starting in Mexico) country you come across and one of the smaller ones in Epcot. Despite that truth, it is my personal favorite.

Norwegian School Bread
(photo courtesy of Hey Orlando)

Starting with the former, the Norwegian School Bread is almost like a Norwegian offshoot of a cinnamon roll. It can be found at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, which is located right next to the souvenir shop Frozen Ever After dumps you in post riding. It is a bigger than average roll with a fluffy outer layer with coconut sprinkles that is stuffed with a vanilla custard-esque filling. The treat will likely require two hands to hold, as it is pretty good sized given the price. The presentation is fantastic. Upon first bite, you are greeted with a wonderful blend of soft and sweet that is easy to enjoy. I will say, I tasted little to no coconut, which I didn’t mind at all. And that aforementioned price? Only
$4.49! I highly recommend giving it a try!

Einstok White Ale

Secondly, for our older audience, we have an Einstok White-Ale. Look for the beverage cart in front of Royal Sommerhus, the same location you can meet Anna and Elsa. Einstok has actually more of an Icelandic origin, but given Norway is the only Scandinavian representative here at the World Showcase, you can find it here. Anyway, as presented, it is a lighter beer that has a smooth taste from start to finish. It has the right amount of hops and enough hints of spice and sweet. Those of you who enjoy lagers and beers with less ABV% (roughly 5.2%), grab yourself one as you wait for your kids to finish up pictures with the Arendellian royalty! It costs $10.75.

Have you tried this combo from Epcot? Would you give it a try? Comment below!

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