Meet the Disney Six

 I'm a Starbucks loving Mama who has a sincere appreciation for family, belly laughs, a good workout and Disney.

I take pride in my family (Hubby and four fantastical kids) and have worked hard to instill in my kids responsibility, kindness, patience and the art of simply being thankful.  I lead by example and strongly believe if we respond with love to almost any situation the world will be a better place.  

As a family, we have been hanging with the mouse since my oldest was born in 2001. However, I've been to Walt Disney World over fifty times in my life. I still get excited before every trip. This blog was a place to chronicle my life raising my babies, but it has transformed into my place to share anything Disney. On January of 2014, I became a published author. I took all my Disney secrets and advice and turned it into the ultimate, easy-to-read guidebook for parents. I removed the guide from Amazon in 2018 because Disney made so many updates to the parks the book needed updates as well. One day, I might get there. 

Until then, enjoy our page full of Disney fun from different perspectives. Feel free to contact us via email with any questions!